"This Is Not a..." Game

A game called “Th is Is Not a...” encourages multiple solutions and is played in a relaxed environment that encourages creativity. Students pass around an object—such as a toy telephone—and say, “This is not a....” Younger students name an object that is not a toy telephone (for example, “This is not a pencil.”). Older students continue and say, “This is not a toy telephone, it is a...,” and they gesture or mime to suggest the object that they are pretending the toy telephone is—perhaps a computer mouse or a hair dryer. The gesturing students can eventually name what they are pretending the object is, or classmates can guess. Games such as this one help students become comfortable with a certain amount of ambiguity and gain the confidence to speak up when appropriate.


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 Learning to Love Math
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Willis, Judy (2010), Learning to Love Math, ASCD, Alexandria, VA, Retrieved on 2016-09-02
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02 SEP 2016

 Math Games

Games that teach math, quantification, comparisons, etc.
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Folksonomies: education math