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MemexPlex Database
MemexPlex Database



Here are documentation files, SQL setup, and a snapshot of the MemexPlex codebase:


Quick Start

1. Database: Run the memexplex_db.sql to setup the MySQL database.

2. Code: Copy the memexplex directory to your localhost/web server.

3. Config: Edit the file “memexplex/framework/classes/persistence/MySqlConfig.php” to use your database server (“localhost”), user (“DATBASEUSER”), and password (“DATABASEPASSWORD”).

4. Launch: Open the location of the “MemexPlex” directory contents in your web browser.

5. Learn: Use the “Codebase Familiarization” and “Database Diagram” files from above if you want to learn your way around the code.


Date Posted: 27 Nov 2010 @ 10:06 PM
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