Real Life NPCs are Boring

Let's start off with my likes for this title: First, the graphics are really good. I really felt immersed in the environment and quaint little neighborhood in the first level. I know other games have pretty good graphics, but Going Outside: You Know, Real Life? takes it to another level, because when you look closely at an object, instead of seeing blurry pixels, the developers made a point to add really fine details. The levels in this game are huge; there's plenty of areas to explore and lots of NPCs to talk to.

Unfortunately, with a game like Going Outside: You Know, Real Life? spending so much of it's budget on graphics, there are some significant holes that really let me down and just kind of ruined the game for me in general. While there are a lot of NPCs you can talk to, they have very limited dialogue, to the point where it's hilarious (reminding me of the guards in Skyrim) where you can ask them about the weather, ask them what they do for work, and introduce yourself. Most of them just awkwardly and unrealistically walk away after you talk to them, and if you try to talk to them again, they usually go "Leave me alone" or "I really need to get going". So basically, the game is filled with anti-social individuals who have an insane amount of business to attend to in a suburban neighborhood? What could possibly be so pressing that everyone is too busy to talk to? It's almost laughable, but I can't blame the game designers for not being to program everyone to have a personality of their own, but why make it so you can interact with so many different NPCs who are useless to the gameplay? I don't know, it seemed pretty redundant to me.


They are antisocial, too busy to talk to.

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 Going Outside: You Know, Real Life?
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    16 NOV 2013

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