A Succinct Definition of Lactate

Lactate is a dynamic substrate with great potential as an energy source in sports drinks. To date, however, the efficacy of adding lactate to these drinks has been sparsely assessed [5,15,16]. Lactate was once considered a metabolic waste but is now recognized as an important energy substrate in the body. Lactate is the main product of carbohydrate metabolism and can be used as a fuel in working muscle cells shuttled to other tissues such as the heart where lactate is fuel [17], or to the liver were lactate serves as a gluconeogenic precursor [18].


A byproduct of our muscles converting carbohydrates to energy, which appears to serve as a secondary energy source.

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 Lactate, Fructose and Glucose Oxidation Profiles in Sports Drinks and the Effect on Exercise Performance
Periodicals>Journal Article:   Azevedo Jr., Chapman, Tietz, Two-Feathers, Paull (2007), Lactate, Fructose and Glucose Oxidation Profiles in Sports Drinks and the Effect on Exercise Performance, PLoS ONE, 2(9): e927, Retrieved on 2011-09-24
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    Folksonomies: energy lactose lactate lactase
    Folksonomies: energy lactose lactate lactase


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