The Nintendo Effect

Technology can play an important role, but we haven’t had the time or wherewithal to explore it fully. I’m waiting for a breakthrough process, which I think may happen in mathematics. The people at Nintendo figured out billions of dollars ago that you pull kids in, you get them engaged, and that’s the model: engagement of intensive focused effort. The result is rapid incremental development of new skills and capabilities. These kids operate at a speed and accuracy level unheard of outside game playing. We have to take that model and translate it to mathematics, to grammar, to the dynamics of social interaction and political structures.


Nintendo has tapped into the secret of keeping kids engaged for hours.

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 TECHNOS Interview: Jeff Howard
Periodicals>Magazine Article:  Howard, Jeff (SUMMER 1997), TECHNOS Interview: Jeff Howard, TECHNOS, TECHNOS VOL. 6 NO. 2 • SUMMER 1997, Retrieved on 2014-03-16
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    13 MAR 2014


    Memes about getting kids as engaged with academic studies as the are with video games.