07 NOV 2017 by ideonexus

 Fall of Atlantis

"But the divine revenge overtook not long after those proud enterprises. For within less than the space of one hundred years, the great Atlantis was utterly lost and destroyed: not by a great earthquake, as your man saith; (for that whole tract is little subject to earthquakes;) but by a particular' deluge or inundation; those countries having, at this day, far greater rivers and far higher mountains to pour down waters, than any part of the old world. But it is true that the same inundation ...
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Memed for the speculation of flood in America.

29 DEC 2016 by ideonexus

 How Science Fiction Got Its Start with Frakenstein

It’s not completely fanciful to say that science fiction began with three things: a dead frog, a volcano, and a teenage bride. The dead frog was one that an Italian physician named Luigi Galvani was experimenting with in the 1780s, when he found that a mild electric shock could cause the frog’s leg to twitch. It was just an induced muscle reflex, but it suggested that there might be a connection between electricity and life. The volcano was Mount Tambora in Indonesia, which exploded in ...
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07 MAR 2015 by ideonexus

 Questioning Air Pollution

How should a living organism live? When spring arrives, you open your doors, the wind blows in. The smell of flowers fills the airand colors come back to lifeSometimes when it rains or when it’s foggy out. You can’t help but breathe the air deep into your lungs and experience the feeling of small water droplets filling them up. Both piercingly cold but also pure and fresh. In autumn, you would spend a whole afternoon with a loved one doing absolutely nothing, basking lazily in the sun....
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21 APR 2014 by ideonexus

 The Culture of Climate Change Science and Skepticism

While the IPCC’s consensus approach acknowledges uncertainties, defenders of the IPCC consensus have expended considerable efforts in the ‘boundary work’ of distinguishing those qualified to contribute to the climate change consensus from those who are not [4]. These efforts have characterized skeptics as small in number [13], extreme [50], and scientifically suspect [14]. These efforts create temptations to make illegitimate attacks on scientists whose views do not align with the co...
Folksonomies: science debate consensus
Folksonomies: science debate consensus
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The effort on consensus-building in climate change science causes people to over-react to criticisms.

16 NOV 2013 by ideonexus

 NPCs in the Game "Real Life"

The NPCs have no depth. The can only carry on brief repetitive conversations about simple topics, such as the weather or football. They all follow simple repetitive paths from home, to work, to the store, and back home again where they spend the majority of their time watching television.
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Deceptively simplistic.

10 JUN 2013 by ideonexus

 Strategy of Predator Satiation

An effective strategy of predator satiation involves two adaptations. First, the synchrony of emergence or reproductions must be very precise, thus assuring that hte market is truly flooded, and only for a short time. Secondly, this flooding cannot occur very often, lest predators simply adjust their own life cycle to predictable times of superfluity. If bamboos flowered every year, seed eaters would track the cycle and present their own abundant young with the annual bounty. But if the perio...
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Cicadas have evolved the strategy of mass-producing in such numbers that the predators cannot eat them all.