10 JUN 2013 by ideonexus

 Strategy of Predator Satiation

An effective strategy of predator satiation involves two adaptations. First, the synchrony of emergence or reproductions must be very precise, thus assuring that hte market is truly flooded, and only for a short time. Secondly, this flooding cannot occur very often, lest predators simply adjust their own life cycle to predictable times of superfluity. If bamboos flowered every year, seed eaters would track the cycle and present their own abundant young with the annual bounty. But if the perio...
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Cicadas have evolved the strategy of mass-producing in such numbers that the predators cannot eat them all.

23 JAN 2012 by ideonexus

 Doctors Interfere with the Living Principle

Doctor, no medicine.—We are machines made to live—organized expressly for that purpose.—Such is our nature.—Do not counteract the living principle.—Leave it at liberty to defend itself, and it will do better than your drugs.
Folksonomies: medicine survival
Folksonomies: medicine survival
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A quote from Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte on how living things know how to survive on their own without the interference of medicine.

01 JUN 2011 by ideonexus

 Capitalism Derides the Human Invention

When individuals shunt the comprehensive cosmic regeneration into exclusive advantaging of only their own survival and enjoyment and succeed in prolonged local short-circuiting of cosmic regenerativity, they disqualify the invention "human" as a reliable function of regenerative Universe. They are just as irresponsible in the cosmic system as the company employees who pocket the cash register contents for their own account. This is cosmically true of a childless multimillionaire maneuvering h...
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Wealthy people reducing the survivability of their fellow humans work under the false assumption that there are insufficient resources for everyone on Earth.