The Culture of Climate Change Science and Skepticism

While the IPCC’s consensus approach acknowledges uncertainties, defenders of the IPCC consensus have expended considerable efforts in the ‘boundary work’ of distinguishing those qualified to contribute to the climate change consensus from those who are not [4]. These efforts have characterized skeptics as small in number [13], extreme [50], and scientifically suspect [14]. These efforts create temptations to make illegitimate attacks on scientists whose views do not align with the consensus, and to dismiss any disagreement as politically motivated ‘denialism’ [51]. The use of ‘denier’ to label anyone who disagrees with the IPCC consensus on attribution leads to concerns being raised about the IPCC being enforced as dogma, which is tied to how dissent is dealt with.


The effort on consensus-building in climate change science causes people to over-react to criticisms.

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 Climate change: no consensus on consensus
Periodicals>Journal Article:  Webster, P.J. and Curry, J. A. (2013), Climate change: no consensus on consensus, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology, Retrieved on 2014-04-21
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21 JUL 2014

 Climate Change

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