Exercises for Emotional Maturity in Children

Let's focus on the skill of expanding sensitivity. Increased attention to music, nature, and animals can increase sensitivity. Once you identify these outlets, set up a series of exercises that use these focal points to draw out sensitivity. For example:

  1. Listening: Listen to a piece of beautiful music for 10 minutes. Close your eyes and let the notes guide your mind. Focusing: Choose an animal (even an ant) and follow it for 10 minutes; watch it with full attention.
  2. Relaxing: Sit quietly for 10 minutes in nature where you can't see other people. Focus your mind on the scene around you. As you relax, notice the many different things happening.
  3. Affirming: Repeat or write these words five times each day: I am sensitive to everything around me. I live in harmony with all life!
  4. Exercising: When you're feeling restless, stop and do a few exercises and stretches. See if you feel more aware of the things around you.
  5. Noticing: Spend 10 minutes watching another person. Try to see what that person is seeing and feeling.


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 Making Emotional Development Accessible
Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Deranja, Michael Nitai (October 8, 2015), Making Emotional Development Accessible, ASCD Express, October 8, 2015 | Volume 11 | Issue 3, Retrieved on 2015-11-09
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