The Scientific Bias Against Promotion

I agree that a dreary comprehensive litany of who made what suggestion and which project official rejected it would be tedious (although me fact that the same idea arose in the minds of many different people - both in the science and the engineering teams - is worth noting), while at least some indication of the resistance to "nonscientific" data might be quite interesting. The battle is, of course, being played out again with regard to the two Galileo Earth encounters, where there was particular resistance to taking the motion picture of the Earth rotating in space, even though no such picture had ever before been available. In my mind the matter goes back to the very beginning of the space program when it was argued that there was no need for imaging systems on spacecraft because imaging systems neither posed nor answered crisply formulated scientific questions and were good only for something disdainfully dismissed as "PR". I think if we were to frame the discussion in this context, then do a little description of the necessary mission ops and a new representation of the data, we might have a piece very suitable for Science. If for any reason it were unsuitable for Science, I would opt next for Nature or Scientific American.


Carl Sagan recounting the resistance to having Voyager take a photo of Earth from deep space because it had no scientific value.

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 Letter from Carl Sagan to Carolyn Porco
Personal Communications>Personal Letter:  Sagan , Carl (January 22, 1992), Letter from Carl Sagan to Carolyn Porco, Library of congress, Retrieved on 2014-03-03
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