Neem: Cognitive Drug

Neem is a mnemonic drug that works by “tagging” experiences and mental input with a set of unique sensations that contribute to the formation of state-based memories. Neem gummy chews come in a variety of fruit avors shaped like extinct old Earth animals. Neem gives characters a 20 bonus on COG Tests to recall information they learned while on Neem (see Memorizing and Remembering, p. 176). The drawback to Neem is that memories they accumulate while under the drug’s in uence have no emotional association. For example, a character who witnessed something horrible happening to a friend or who had a ght with a romantic partner while on Neem would feel no emotional connection whatsoever to what happened.


A drug that "tags" experiences and ideas with a set of unique sensations to link to a memory. One could then take another dose of Neem to recall the memory.

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 Eclipse Phase Core Rulebook
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