The Brain Consumes Lactose During Exercise

Scientists have discovered that lactose, a byproduct of intense muscular activities, can be used to fuel the brain with energy. When glucose, the natural fuel of the brain, is no longer present in sufficient quantities, the cell tissue can “switch” to alternative energy, to prevent any damage to the brain on account of the lack of energy.


Consequently, by consuming the lactose in the blood, the brain clears the way for glucose, the main powering substance in the body, to reach the muscles and provide them with energy for the hard work they are doing. This research is very important because it explains why the brain is able to operate even when the body demands unusually high amounts of energy and oxygen. In fact, our mind actually goes into a higher “gear,” in order to be able to cope with any situation.


This frees up the body's glucose to fuel the muscles in times of high energy demands on the body (Note: This meme must be wrong in using the term "lactose," because that is a sugar that comes from milk. "Lactate" is a byproduct of muscles consuming glucose that fuels the brain while the muscles take energy-precedence).

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 Human Brains Use Lactose as Alternative Fuel
Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Vieru, Tudor (10/3/2008), Human Brains Use Lactose as Alternative Fuel,, Retrieved on 2011-09-24
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