The Advancement of Science Out of the Amateur

To-day, science has withdrawn into realms that are hardly understanded of the people. Biology means very largely histology, the study of the cell by difficult and elaborate microscopical processes. Chemistry has passed from the mixing of simple substances with ascertained reactions, to an experimentation of these processes under varying conditions of temperature, pressure, and electrification—all requiring complicated apparatus and the most delicate measurement and manipulation. Similarly, physics has outgrown the old formulas of gravity, magnetism, and pressure; has discarded the molecule and atom for the ion, and may in its recent generalizations be followed only by an expert in the higher, not to say the transcendental mathematics.


An observation from 1906.

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 Exit the Amateur Scientist
Periodicals>Magazine Article:  Anonymous, (23 August 1906), Exit the Amateur Scientist, The Nation, 83, 160, Retrieved on 2011-09-07
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