Science Can Never Weary the Mind

Unlike religion, Science can never weary the mind: the dreary monotony of the former is a perfect contrast to the life-inspiring power of the latter. Every step you take in Science, stimulates you to further pursuit. The vast volume of nature, that book of books, that only revelation worthy the attention of man, is always open to the Man of Science; and in this book the child can find a language that shall be intelligible, and adapted to his youthful capacity. He can read here without stupifying his senses, and gain useful information without corrupting his manners.


The sense of wonder and awe can only lead to the pursuit of more wonder and awe.

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 An Address to Men of Science
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Carlile, Richard (1821), An Address to Men of Science, Retrieved on 2013-12-30
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    01 JAN 2010

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