Argonauts: Charter on Scientific Responsibility


Abuse of science and technology is a major threat to the existence of humankind. Our era has seen destructive climate change, tactical use of nuclear weapons, famine, public health crises, and now, the militarization of space. Our corporate stakeholders and the governments representing them have made inhuman, unwise decisions, and show little sign of changing their behavior.

Scientists, technologists, and mathematicians can be an effective voice for responsible and humane use of knowledge. We therefore call on our colleagues here and in space to take the following actions.

1. Continuously and critically question corporate and governmental policy in areas where science and technology are of significance. Question political interference in scientific research.

2. Promote scientific research that addresses social and environmental problems, as these are the root of much conflict. De-emphasize support for projects intended to benefit the military, security forces, prisons, and surveillance.

3. Release open source versions of key life-improving technologies and scientific equipment. 4. Advocate forcefully for transparency in corporate and government research.

5. Support research that improves transhuman lives or combats existential threats to transhumanity, emphasizing research that lacks support for political or economic reasons.

6. Discourage students and peers from participating in the design of weapon systems intended for use against transhumanity, especially weapons of mass destruction, while promoting readiness against alien or TITAN attacks.

7 Organize scientists, engineers, and their colleagues in related disciplines into an effective political force, including, if necessary, creation of a political entity to administer offworld resources.

8 Carefully weigh precautionary versus proactionary approaches when designing or evaluating new technology for broad adoption.


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 Argonauts: Science for the Greater Good (Eclipse Phase)
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Graham, Jack (2017-02-16), Argonauts: Science for the Greater Good (Eclipse Phase), Retrieved on 2017-03-10
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