De-Romanticizing Voting

Ugh. In actual outcomes, voting isn't an expression of your heart, your soul, or even your emotion. The result of a vote isn't "the right thing" or "the thing I love" or "the cure for social ills" or "the perfect solution." It's not a mechanism of protest or a chance to be dramatic, and it's not a "gesture" or a stand -- that's what demonstrations, letter writing, and petition campaigns are for. A vote is a functional choice for the preferable viable outcome, an act that adds 1 to a tally that either will be bigger than the other person's or won't. While the act of voting is an expression of a human right, the effect of your vote outside of your own head is confined to real-world outcomes for real people, especially those who have the least range of expression of those human rights you're holding so dear with your vote. Remember that.


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