227 cognitive verbs organized into 24 categories of semantically related terms

Add to: combine, deepen, improve, incorporate, integrate, introduce
Arrange: arrange, list, organize, sort
Big picture: comprehend, contextualize, orient, understand
Collaborate: collaborate, contribute, engage, interact, participate, share
Compare: associate, categorize, classify, compare, connect, contrast, differentiate, discriminate, distinguish, link, match, relate
Create: accomplish, achieve, build, compose, construct, create, develop, draft, form, generate, initiate, produce, publish, record, stimulate
Decide: choose, decide, select
Define: define, delineate, determine, discern, establish, exemplify, identify, interpret, label, locate, name, recall, recognize
Elaborate: broaden, derive, elaborate, enhance, expand
Evaluate: assess, check, critique, evaluate, judge
Execute: advance, calculate, conduct, compute, employ, execute, navigate
Explain: answer, articulate, clarify, communicate, convey, describe, explain, express, inform, narrate, present, recount, report, respond, retell, state, summarize, synthesize
Hypothesize: anticipate, approximate, conjecture, consider, estimate, experiment, explore, hypothesize, pose, predict, test
Infer: conclude, deduce, generalize, infer, reason
Measure: gauge, measure, quantify
Metacognitive: appreciate, attend, design, monitor, persevere, plan, prepare, reflect, self-correct
Problem solve: figure out, overcome, problem solve, resolve, solve, surmount
Prove/argue: argue, assert, challenge, claim, confirm, defend, disagree, justify, persuade, promote, prove, quantify, specify, support, verify
Pull apart: analyze, decompose, decontextualize, diagnose, examine, grapple, investigate, partition, probe
Redo: redo, repeat, reread, revisit
Reference: acknowledge, cite, consult, plagiarize, refer, reference, trace
Seek information: acquire, ask, capture, compile, detect, elicit, encounter, evoke, find out, gather, listen, note, notice, observe, question, request, research, search, seek, study
Symbolize: act out, chart, conceptualize, demonstrate, depict, diagram, graph, illustrate, imagine, map, model, represent, symbolize, visualize
Transform: accentuate, adapt, adjust, alter, apply, conform, convert, edit, emphasize, manipulate, modify, paraphrase, rearrange, refine, replace, revise, rewrite, shape, shift, simplify, strengthen, substitute, tailor, transform, translate, update


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 Vocabulary for the Common Core
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Marzano, Robert J. (2013), Vocabulary for the Common Core, Retrieved on 2016-02-25
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 Education: Literacy

Practical Memes for teaching literacy.
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Folksonomies: education literacy