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 227 cognitive verbs organized into 24 categories of seman...

Add to: combine, deepen, improve, incorporate, integrate, introduceArrange: arrange, list, organize, sortBig picture: comprehend, contextualize, orient, understandCollaborate: collaborate, contribute, engage, interact, participate, shareCompare: associate, categorize, classify, compare, connect, contrast, differentiate, discriminate, distinguish, link, match, relateCreate: accomplish, achieve, build, compose, construct, create, develop, draft, form, generate, initiate, produce, publish, recor...
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 Enthusiasm Improves Productivity

When we are engaged in what we are doing, all sorts of things happen. We persist longer at difficult problems—and become more likely to solve them. We experience something that psychologist Tory Higgins refers to as flow, a presence of mind that not only allows us to extract more from whatever it is we are doing but also makes us feel better and happier: we derive actual, measurable hedonic value from the strength of our active involvement in and attention to an activity, even if the activi...
Folksonomies: attention focus enthusiasm
Folksonomies: attention focus enthusiasm
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And it creates a cycle of enthusiasm as our accomplishments increase our positive outlook on the task, increasing our focus.