Standing Desks Improve Student Engagement

The research looked at the results of an experiment in which 282 participants in grades 2-4 were observed in the fall and spring during one school year. Student engagement was monitored by actions such as answering a question, raising a hand, or participating in discussion, while off-task behaviors included talking out of turn.

Engagement of the "treatment" classrooms was compared with the engagement of "control" classrooms. The researchers noted that both groups showed "general increases in their academic engagement over time," but the difference was greater with the students working at standing desks.


...previous studies that students who are standing burn 15 percent more calories than those sitting, a count that went up depending on the weight of the child.


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 Standing Desks Keep Kids Better Tuned In
Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Schaffhauser, Dian (04/27/15), Standing Desks Keep Kids Better Tuned In, The Journal, Retrieved on 2015-04-28
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