Another class of AI products that we can expect will be teaching machines, "teacherbots." These machines will adapt to the intelligence, knowledge, interest and curiosity levels of individual users. Human students will be able to learn at their own individual rates, instead of the incredibly clumsy schooling methods we use now. In today’s schools, a single human teacher attempts to educate a few dozen students simultaneously, pitching the intellectual level of the presentation at the middle ability range, thus leaving the intellectually slow behind, and leaving the bright bored.

Teacherbots on the other hand will be able to educate students individually. They will become far more efficient than a human teacher, presenting material in a way that fascinates. A human student whose curiosity is aroused can learn avidly and long. The intellectual accomplishment level of the whole society should thus rise considerably.

The teacherbots will tap into knowledge bases around the world, hunting out information relevant to the needs of their individual students. They will in effect become sources of infinite knowledge and fascination to those who really want to learn about some topic in detail. Of course, such educational facilities will also rapidly expand the knowledge gap between those people who will be motivated and hungry to learn and those who will not care, but globally speaking, the general level of awareness and absorption of knowledge will increase dramatically.

Teacherbots, along with the above talkies, homebots and other such products, such as sex robots, baby sitter robots, etc, will generate a huge industry. These are examples of how AI based products will probably form the foundations of an AI based world economy.


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 The artilect war
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