Video Games are Work Made Fun

As you all know, games are about choices. Sid Meier famously defined games as "a series of interesting choices."

And choice is the most fundamental expression of Will.

How can an activity motivated by decisions, striving, goals and competition, a deliberate concentration of the force of Will, be used to transcend Will itself?

You might as well try to smother a flame with oxygen.

Game designers are taught that the ideal player experience is something called flow.

Flow is that magical state of highly focused motivation, a kind of skating on the fine edge of effort and challenge.

Flow leads to a feeling of euphoric exhilaration.


Bow before Csikszentmihalyi and Poppins, Prophets of Flow!

Gameflow is work made fun! Flow keeps you joyfully working, even in your free time!

Gameflow will be the harness of the New Labor class.

Flow is painless effort. But pain management is not the business of art.

Entrancement is not insight.

Flow is an-aesthetic.


Possibly the most convincing argument that video games are not art.

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 Opinion: Brian Moriarty's Apology For Roger Ebert
Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Moriarty, Brian (March 15, 2011), Opinion: Brian Moriarty's Apology For Roger Ebert, Game Set Watch, Retrieved on 2011-03-23
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    05 JUN 2016

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