Judy Seltz on Education

I believe to my core that education--that is, access to quality learning--is the only way we can be a true democracy and the only way that nations will thrive both individually and in a global community. Education is the best route out of poverty; it is how children learn how to be part of a civil society. I believe that education opens doors to words, to language, to reading, to music, to drama, to science, and to exploration. That makes teachers the heroes and heroines of our society. Everything we do that helps teachers be more effective with their students helps ensure our collective future.


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 Who Is Judy Seltz...And What Will She Do With ASCD?
Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Seltz, Judy and DeWitt, Peter (20140807), Who Is Judy Seltz...And What Will She Do With ASCD?, Education Week, Retrieved on 2014-08-12
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