Spherical Cows

Milk production at a dairy farm was low, so the farmer wrote to the local university, asking for help from academia. A multidisciplinary team of professors was assembled, headed by a theoretical physicist, and two weeks of intensive on-site investigation took place. The scholars then returned to the university, notebooks crammed with data, where the task of writing the report was left to the team leader. Shortly thereafter the physicist returned to the farm, saying to the farmer, "I have the solution, but it only works in the case of spherical cows in a vacuum".


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 The Coase Theorem is widely cited in economics. Ronald Coase hated it.
Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Lee, Timothy B. (9/4/2013), The Coase Theorem is widely cited in economics. Ronald Coase hated it., Retrieved on 2014-08-09
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