How to Explain Science

As nearly as I can see, the only secret in popularising science (or anything else) is remembering what thinking went on in your head when you first really understood whatever it is you're now explaining: especially (1) what misunderstandings needed to be cleared away, (2) what metaphors and analogies proved helpful, and (3) what reassurance had to be offered. The effort involved is slight, the benefits great. Among the potential pitfalls are oversimplification, the need to be sparing with qualifications (and quantifications), inadequate credit given to the many scientists involved, and insufficient distinctions drawn between helpful analogy and reality. Doubtless, compromises must be made.


Remember what was going on in your head when you first understood the thing.

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 Advocating science and hope : draft essay
Unpublished Work>Publication of Limited Circulation:  Sagan , Carl (1994), Advocating science and hope : draft essay, Retrieved on 2014-03-03
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     Illuminate the Opposition

    Memes on communicating science and rationality to the masses in a way that is honest and genuine.