Conversation is the Nemesis of Scientific Thinking

The archenemy of scientific thinking is conversation, as in typical human conversational discourse, much of which is BS. I have become rather fed up with talking to people. Seriously, it is something of a problem. Fact is, folks are prone to getting pet opinions into their heads and thinking they’re true to the point of obstinacy, even when they have little or no idea of what they’re talking about in the first place. We all do it. It’s part of how the sloppy mind-generating piece of meat between our ears is prone to work. Humans may be the most rational beings on the planet these days—but that’s not saying much, considering that the next most rational are chimpanzees.


Gregory Paul on how conversations are prone to falshoods and equating opinions with facts.

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 This Will Make You Smarter
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Brockman , John (2012-02-14), This Will Make You Smarter, HarperCollins, Retrieved on 2013-12-19
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    27 DEC 2013

     Conversation is Anti-Science

    Popular Science Shuts Down Comments > Additional Support/Evidence > Conversation is the Nemesis of Scientific Thinking
    Subject to hearsay and unverifiability, casual conversation unravels scientifically established ideas.
    Folksonomies: science conversation
    Folksonomies: science conversation


    05 JUN 2011

     Illuminate the Opposition

    Memes on communicating science and rationality to the masses in a way that is honest and genuine.