Bill Nye the Science Guy Show: "Rules"

Bill Nye the Science Guy Show: "Rules"

Objective: Change the world.

Produce a TV show that gets kids and adults excited about science, so that the United States will again be the world leader in technology, innovation, and sound management of the environment.

For example, when our audience is of age, we'd like them to produce the best transportation systems in the world, e.g. cars, electric cars, trains, and aircraft.

Rules of the Road

- The show is entertainment first; curriculum content and presentation of specific facts come later. Ideally, school curricula will follow us.

- All the science we see has to be real science. No fictional “molecular resynthesizer“ machines that perform magic tricks, for example.

- The science being explored provides the drama. For example, there is no time spent looking for someone's stolen lab coat.

- Science Guy is always himself. He could play another character as the Science Guy playing another character. He wears a lab coat and safety glasses for a reason. If he takes them off, it's for a reason.

- Science Guy's reality is television. He can jump from place to place the way a viewer would expect anyone on television to be able to do. There is no need for something like the “Way-Back" machine or the “Transporter” or the "Door to Anywhere." However, the “monitor in the field" can show us supplementary video, e.g. condensation after the walk-in freezer sequence in the pilot.

- Host interacts with guests. kids, other scientists, and celebrities, as peers: E.g. “Hi, Joey; Hi, Michael; "Hi, Cindy; Hi Hammer." / "Hi, Bill."

- Show takes place as much as possible in the field. The world is the laboratory.


Could be summed up as "Keep it real."

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 Bill Nye the Science Guy Show: "Rules"
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