Ode to the Mediterranean Sea

Who that has ever visited the borders of this classic sea, has not felt at the first sight of its waters a glow of reverent rapture akin to devotion, and an instinctive sensation of thanksgiving at being permitted to stand before these hallowed waves? All that concerns the Mediterranean is of the deepest interest to civilized man, for the history of its progress is the history of the development of the world; the memory of the great men who have lived and died around its banks; the recollection of the undying works that have come thence to delight us for ever; the story of patient research and brilliant discoveries connected with every physical phenomenon presented by its waves and currents, and with every order of creatures dwelling in and around its waters. The science of the Mediterranean is the epitome of the science of the world.


Forbes wonders at it's immense, by human scales, history and diversity of nature.

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 The Natural History of the European Seas
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Forbes , Edward and Godwin-Austin , Robert Alfred Cloyne (1859), The Natural History of the European Seas, Ayer Publishing, Retrieved on 2012-05-16
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