Newton's Apple Gave New Meaning to the Garden of Eden Story

Part of the power of the story was that it replaced the sacred Biblical account of the Fall from Innocence in Genesis (Eve and the apple) with a secular parable of the Ascent to Knowledge. See Patricia Fara, Newton: The Making of Genius (2005); and for a broad visionary perspective, Jacob Bronowski’s scientific classic The Ascent of Man (1973).


The apple bequeathed knowledge to man in the secular fable of Newton observing the apple drop.

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 The Age of Wonder
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Holmes , Richard (2010-03-02), The Age of Wonder, Vintage, Retrieved on 2012-01-02
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    02 JAN 2012

     Newton's Apple Fable

    Newton Saw that the Moon is Falling > Additional Support/Evidence > Newton's Apple Gave New Meaning to the Garden of Eden Story
    The fable of Newton's apple provided a unique insight into the Earth's relation to the moon and a secular fable with which to recast the story of Adam and Eve.
    Folksonomies: secular fable scripture
    Folksonomies: secular fable scripture