21 JUN 2014 by ideonexus

 CBN and ARE as Persuasive Organizations

―People say ‗[CBN] want[s] to turn America into a church,‘‖ Regent employee Ben Johnston protested. ―We don‘t. My God, we want separation of church and state‖ (Johnston interview, March 30, 2006). Woven into Johnston‘s protest, however, is a defensiveness based on public perception of CBN as threatening the neutrality of the secular. Far more than ARE, CBN relates to what Smith describes as the ―Protestant establishment‖ that was ―routed from social power‖ (2003:26). ...
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02 JAN 2012 by ideonexus

 Newton's Apple Gave New Meaning to the Garden of Eden Story

Part of the power of the story was that it replaced the sacred Biblical account of the Fall from Innocence in Genesis (Eve and the apple) with a secular parable of the Ascent to Knowledge. See Patricia Fara, Newton: The Making of Genius (2005); and for a broad visionary perspective, Jacob Bronowski’s scientific classic The Ascent of Man (1973).
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The apple bequeathed knowledge to man in the secular fable of Newton observing the apple drop.