15 MAY 2015 by ideonexus

 Role of the Dungeon Master

A Dungeon Master gets to wear many hats. As the architect of a campaign, the DM creates adventures by placing monsters, traps, and treasures for the other players' characters (the adventurers) to discover. As a storyteller, the DM helps the other players visualize what's happening around them, improvising when the adventurers do something or go somewhere unexpected. As an actor, the DM plays the roles of the monsters and supporting characters, breathing life into them. And as a referee, the D...
Folksonomies: storytelling roleplaying
Folksonomies: storytelling roleplaying
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26 APR 2015 by ideonexus

 Shock: Social Science Fiction

What happens when a mind is no longer tied to a body? What happens when those of greatest ability are enslaved by those of greatest power? What happens when Humanity is the new kid on the block? When minds are read like books and books are illegal? Shock: Social Science Fiction is a game, a set of rules, that you’re about to use with your friends to create some science fiction stories. You’ll create a world sitting around a table, or on a floor in a circle, and use these rules to reach a...
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Collaborative Storytelling.

25 FEB 2015 by ideonexus

 Vampire RPG Focus on Storytelling

Storytelling is the focus of this book. It is also thewhole point of the Vampire game. But what exactly is Storytelling?There are two trite answers to this question: Storytelling is what Storytellersdo, and Read this book and find out.. Both are true, but neitheris particularly helpful. Storytelling is what Storytellers do. In Vampire,the Storyteller creates and presents Stories in which the players participatethrough the control of their characters. The result is an interactive typeof story...
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02 JAN 2012 by ideonexus

 Science is a Relay Race

Indeed, there is a particular problem with finding endings in science. Where do these science stories really finish? Science is truly a relay race, with each discovery handed on to the next generation. Even as one door is closing, another door is already being thrown open. So it is with this book. The great period of Victorian science is about to begin. The new stories are passed into the hands of Michael Faraday, John Herschel, Charles Darwin …and the world of modern science begins to rush...
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It is difficult to know where to end a story about science, because the discoveries never cease and will continue into the future.

15 SEP 2011 by ideonexus

 Darwin, Evolution, and Science Matter

Darwin matters because evolution matters. Evolution matters because science matters. Science matters because it is the preeminent story of our age, an epic saga about who we are, where we came from, and where we are going.
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Because they are the story of our age.