Vampire RPG Focus on Storytelling

Storytelling is the focus of this book. It is also thewhole point of the Vampire game. But what exactly is Storytelling?There are two trite answers to this question: Storytelling is what Storytellersdo, and Read this book and find out.. Both are true, but neitheris particularly helpful.

Storytelling is what Storytellers do. In Vampire,the Storyteller creates and presents Stories in which the players participatethrough the control of their characters. The result is an interactive typeof storytelling, where everyone in the group contributes to the progressand final form of the Story. The Story is at the heart of the whole process,and it is the Story with which this Chapter concerns itself. Other Chapterswill cover different aspects of the Storyteller's role - Read this bookand find out.


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 Vampire Storytellers Handbook
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Achilli, Justin and Baugh, Bruce (2000-01-01), Vampire Storytellers Handbook, White Wolf Pub, Retrieved on 2015-02-25
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