Role of the Dungeon Master

A Dungeon Master gets to wear many hats. As the architect of a campaign, the DM creates adventures by placing monsters, traps, and treasures for the other players' characters (the adventurers) to discover. As a storyteller, the DM helps the other players visualize what's happening around them, improvising when the adventurers do something or go somewhere unexpected. As an actor, the DM plays the roles of the monsters and supporting characters, breathing life into them. And as a referee, the DM interprets the rules and decides when to abide by them and when to change them.

Inventing, writing, storytelling, improvising, acting, refereeing-every DM handles these roles differently, and you'll probably enjoy some more than others. It helps to remember that DUNGEONS & DRAGONS is a hobby, and being the DM should be fun. Focus .on the aspects you enjoy and downplay the rest. For example, if you don't like creating your own adventures, you can use published ones. You can also lean on the other players to help you with rules mastery and world-building.


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 Dungeon Master's Guide 5th Edition
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Wyatt, Crawford, Perkins , Dungeon Master's Guide 5th Edition, Retrieved on 2015-05-15
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22 FEB 2015

 Role Playing Games

Comparative notes from various RPGs, including multiple editions of D&D.
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Folksonomies: rpgs role-playing games