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 The Cultural Importance of Fundamental Research

The value of fundamental research does not lie only in the ideas it produces. There is more to it. It affects the whole intellectual life of a nation by determining its way of thinking and the standards by which actions and intellectual production are judged. If science is highly regarded and if the importance of being concemed with the most up-to-date problems of fundamental research is recognized, then a spiritual climate is created which influences the other activities. An atmosphere of cr...
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Why pure science? in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 1965 21 4-8 Victor Frederick Weisskopf 1908

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 The von Neumann Model for Computing Machines

At the highest level, the major hardware components of most boards can be classifi ed into fi ve major categories: Central processing unit (CPU). The master processor. Memory. Where the system’s software is stored. Input device(s). Input slave processors and relative electrical components. Output device(s). Output slave processors and relative electrical components. Data pathway(s)/bus(es). Interconnects the other components, providing a “highway” for data to travel on from one compone...
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Based on his work explaining how electronic components could be use to perform boolean operations.

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 Applied History of Technology

Ravna had known that “jumpstarting” technology must be a topic in the ship’s library. It turned out the subject was a major academic specialty. Besides ten thousand case studies, there were customizing programs and lots of very dull-looking theory. Though the “rediscovery problem” was trivial in the Beyond, down in the Slow Zone almost every conceivable combination of events had happened. Civilizations in the Slowness could not last more than a few thousand years. Their collapse was...
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An academic field for a galactic civilization in which they study the technological advancement of different species on different planets. Includes the concept of "jumpstarting," where a civilization is given more advanced technology, similar to the concept of "leapfrogging" for third world countries on Earth.

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 Nurse's Pledge

With full knowledge of the responsibilities I am undertaking, I pledge to care for my patients with all of the knowledge, skills, and understanding that I possess, without regard to race, color, creed, politics, or social status. I will spare no effort to conserve meaningful life, to alleviate suffering, and to promote health. I will refrain from any action, which might be harmful to the quality of life or health of those I care for. I will respect, at all times, the dignity and religious be...
Folksonomies: ethics oath conduct code
Folksonomies: ethics oath conduct code
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Focuses on treating patients equally, respecting dignity, keeping knowledge current, and refraining from doing harm.