Nurse's Pledge

With full knowledge of the responsibilities I am undertaking, I pledge to care for my patients with all of the knowledge, skills, and understanding that I possess, without regard to race, color, creed, politics, or social status. I will spare no effort to conserve meaningful life, to alleviate suffering, and to promote health.

I will refrain from any action, which might be harmful to the quality of life or health of those I care for. I will respect, at all times, the dignity and religious beliefs of patients under my care, and hold in professional confidence all the personal information entrusted to me.

I will endeavor to keep my professional knowledge and skills at the highest level and give my support and cooperation to all members of the healthcare team. With full awareness of my qualifications and limitations, I will do my utmost to maximize the potential of the nursing profession and to uphold and advance its standards.


Focuses on treating patients equally, respecting dignity, keeping knowledge current, and refraining from doing harm.

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 Nurse's Pledge
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    02 JUN 2011

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