The von Neumann Model for Computing Machines

At the highest level, the major hardware components of most boards can be classifi ed into fi ve major categories:

  • Central processing unit (CPU). The master processor.
  • Memory. Where the system’s software is stored.
  • Input device(s). Input slave processors and relative electrical components.
  • Output device(s). Output slave processors and relative electrical components.
  • Data pathway(s)/bus(es). Interconnects the other components, providing a “highway” for data to travel on from one component to another, including any wires, bus bridges, and/or bus controllers.

These fi ve categories are based on the major elements defi ned by the von Neumann model, a tool that can be used to understand any electronic device’s hardware archi- tecture. The von Neumann model is a result of the published work of John von Neumann in 1945, which defi ned the requirements of a general-purpose electronic computer. Because embedded systems are a type of computer system, this model can be applied as a means of understanding embedded systems hardware. EMBEDDED


Based on his work explaining how electronic components could be use to perform boolean operations.

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 Embedded Hardware: Know It All
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