21 JUN 2013 by ideonexus

 The von Neumann Model for Computing Machines

At the highest level, the major hardware components of most boards can be classifi ed into fi ve major categories: Central processing unit (CPU). The master processor. Memory. Where the system’s software is stored. Input device(s). Input slave processors and relative electrical components. Output device(s). Output slave processors and relative electrical components. Data pathway(s)/bus(es). Interconnects the other components, providing a “highway” for data to travel on from one compone...
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Based on his work explaining how electronic components could be use to perform boolean operations.

21 APR 2011 by ideonexus

 Peter Norvig: How Well Does the Program Run When it Isn't...

And think about failure modes—I remember one of the great lessons I got about programming was when I showed up at the airport at Heathrow, and there was a power failure and none of the computers were working. But my plane was on time. Somehow they had gotten print-outs of all the flights. 1 don't know where—there must have been some computer off-site, i don't know whether they printed them that morning or if they had a procedure of always printing them the night before and sending them ...
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An important use-case for any software, what's the work-around for when the program isn't running?