The Dojo Extends Beyond its Walls

If the translation of Do predicates the meaning of one's Truth, what we call home for the purpose of such training is Dojo. Jo (translated as the place, or the Hall) is the center of total focus, where all venerable learning is to take place through myriads of human struggles and energetic interactions. It is therefore stated cogently that the place called "Dojo" must be designated as the place of being enlightened by all things. It is the place where one's purest form of existence must be found with singular effort to grasp spontaneous self-realization through hard training. Dojo, therefore, can be defined as more than the place of human gathering to engage in the expected behavioral patterns according to the ceremonial rite de passage. It has the unmovable ambience of dignity, respect, relendess discipline and all revered spirit, unwvritten martial principles and codes, a canon of philosophical premises, and a zest of human energy and ardent desire toward the attainable excellence and realization of personal enlightenment. The subject matter and a seeker of the subject must meet with insurmountable challenges at the moment of truth. Once a first breathing is done at the onset of entry, Dojo becomes the only place of one's last universe at that instant. Because such mind-set leads to critical development of one's spirituality in training. Overcoming the self shall be the most difficult foe in the course of practice. There is no better place you desire to test and cultivate your personal essence.

The Dojo is no longer merely a place for the skills development but a place for total personal development for life.

The teacher and a student become integrated into the same quest for total human development through the art forms they pursue. In that sense, all becomes a student of the Way. From the larger and wider spectrum of this concept, the participant must be able to focus totally on his mind and actions. Total and complete discipline with optimal readiness to learn and absorb, plucky energy, breathing, sharp focus, unyielding determination to undergo the hardships, and one's maximum spiritual bearing are needed to unfold his undiscovered potentials. Pursuant to our long standing normative tradition, a trainee may not be so fortunate to receive always an analytical insight in the course of practice, and often you may be engrossed with the tacit and subde and inexplicable dimension of the art itself. From our classical tradition, it is believed that this form of indirect teaching and learning induces the extraordinary capacity of the intuitive sense, and scintilate the one's undiscovered serendipity.

Thus, Dojo becomes the place of training without exchange of words as it is intended to be the place of his own personal spiritual cultivation. On the other hand, the place to focus such serious endeavor can be found in any physical environment regardless of the definition of appropriateness. The nature provides infinite opportunities for such purpose. Regardless places and conditions he might be, one should find himself in a dojo suddenly if he focuses his total energy on his mental and spiritual bearing beyond martial arts practices. That should imply we find a dojo everywhere when we find our abiding life's struggles regardless the realties and vicissitudes we might face.


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 Quintessence Of Japanese Classical Martial Arts: Historical And Philosophical Perspectives
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