80/20 Rule for Production VS Consumption

As James explains, you can read everything you want about waking up earlier—from sleep habits to the Circadian rhythm—but when the alarm goes off, the only thing that matters are the strategies you’ve actually tried.

“The biggest issue around the myth of ‘I need to learn more’ is that somehow learning and doing are mutually exclusive. And they’re not at all. You should certainly be taking in new information and exploring continually. But you also need to be exploiting the information that you already have.

Of course, there’s a tradeoff in this scenario. Whenever you discover something that works—even if it isn’t the best answer—you have to ask “Do I spend my time doing this? Or do I search for a better solution?”

That’s where James says the 80/20 balance comes into play:

“If you’re looking for a rule, it’s generally accepted that you should spend about 80% of your time exploiting the knowledge you already have and about 20% exploring new things and looking for a better mousetrap, so to speak.”


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 The worst distractions are the ones we love
Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Clear, James (January 16, 2018), The worst distractions are the ones we love, Retrieved on 2018-01-17
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    17 JAN 2018


    Memes on becoming a producer rather than consumer.
    Folksonomies: productivity
    Folksonomies: productivity