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Mrs. Lazarus has some experience with games such as this and decides to construct a blank environment (a planet without biomes) with a 10 × 10 grid, thereby creating a board with 100 squares. Before play, each student is given three different animals or plants (one with a broad tolerance for several different habitats, one that is a bit more particular, and one that is very fussy indeed). The players then use their numbered tiles and shares to shape and manipulate this blank environment to the benefit of the animals or plants they have in their hands.

Each square has certain biomes that it favors (squares on the top and bottom row favor the tundra, for example, whereas squares in the fifth row along the equator favor the jungle). Each time a student places one of his or her tiles on a numbered square, they can buy shares in certain biomes. A student placing a tile on A1 in the upper left, for instance, might be given the opportunity to buy five shares of tundra, three shares of icecap, three shares of boreal forest, two shares of the ocean, or one share of temperate forest. Each time a student expands the territory of a region so that it comes into contact with another player’s territory, the players have the opportunity to spend shares to convert land from one type to another. Players compete across these different biomes to create environments better suited to their creatures. The more spaces suitable to the player’s creatures, the higher their victory points will be in the end.


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 Level Up Your Classroom: The Quest to Gamify Your Lessons and Engage Your Students
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