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Ms. Spooner, a long-time game player, realizes that the Racing/Grid Movement mechanic is the right choice for her students because it is particularly good at helping to assess highly granular pieces of content or skills. She envisions a game in which her students are divided into two- or threeperson teams. She wants these students to be able to identify and produce three different things: (1) the pitch of particular notes, (2) the sounds of distinct instruments, and (3) the work of particular composers. Her assessment is that second is the easiest task, the first is the next most difficult, and the third task is the most difficult.

On a given turn, students pull a card from a prepared deck that gives the task (e.g., produce an A note, identify the composer of a random track) and the number of spaces the team moves if the task is accomplished successfully. It is even possible that the team could choose between a task that allows them to move one or three spaces, depending on the difficulty the team is willing to risk. The amount of time dedicated to this exercise is entirely dependent on the length and complexity of the course.


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 Level Up Your Classroom: The Quest to Gamify Your Lessons and Engage Your Students
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