Microscopic and Macroscopic Perspectives in Science

In science, simultaneous macroscopic and microscopic exploration is quite customary, especially in biology. Molecular biology, for example, which derived from the application of chemical analysis to biological problems and led to the discovery of DNA and its function as the carrier of information for every form of life, has developed independently from physiology, which concerns the whole animal and the way it functions as an integrated living system. In like manner, the difference between the Gaian notion and the ecological notion of our planet derives in part from their history. The start of the Gaia hypothesis was the view of the Earth from space, revealing the planet as a whole but not in detail. Ecology is rooted in the down-to-Earth natural history and the detailed study of habitats and ecosystems without taking the whole picture. The one cannot see the trees in the wood. The other cannot see the wood for the trees.


Seeing the trees for the forest and forest for the trees.

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 Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth
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