Kindergarden: Garden of Children

Kindergarten means a garden of children, and Froebel, the inventor of it, or rather, as he would prefer to express it, the discoverer of the method of Nature, meant to symbolize by the name the spirit and plan of treatment. How does the gardener treat his plants? He studies their individual natures, and puts them into such circumstances of soil and atmosphere as enable them to grow, flower, and bring forth fruit,-- also to renew their manifestation year after year. 


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 Moral Culture of Infancy and Kindergarten Guide
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Peabody, Elizabeth (2008), Moral Culture of Infancy and Kindergarten Guide, Retrieved on 2015-06-09
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    17 FEB 2015

     Evolving Learners: Education as Artificial Selection

    If brains learn by pruning neurons that serve no purpose, the educators are pruners/encouragers of neurons. We should look at them as artificially selecting neurons in students.