Internalize the Goal of Seeking Challenging Cognitive Environments

There is one way in which individuals can make their own luck. Internalize the goal of seeking challenging cognitive environments seek intellectual challenges all the way from choosing the right leisure activities to wanting to marry someone who is intellectually stimulating. The best chance of enjoying enhanced cognitive skills is to fall in love with ideas, or intelligent conversation, or intelligent books, or some intellectual pursuit. If I do that, I create within my own mind a stimulating mental environment that accompanies me wherever I go. Then I am relatively free of needing good luck to enjoy a rich cognitive environment. I have constant and instant access to a portable gymnasium that exercises the mind. Books and ideas and analyzing things are possessions easier to access than even the local gym.


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 Shattering Intelligence: Implications for Education and Interventions
Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Flynn, James R. (November 5, 2007), Shattering Intelligence: Implications for Education and Interventions, CATO Unbound, Retrieved on 2015-05-26
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    26 MAY 2015

     The <em>g</em>-factor Paradox

    If IQ is heavily influenced by genes, then how do we explain the Flynn effect? Either we are improperly quantifying g or improperly measuring environmental factors.
    Folksonomies: intelligence iq g-factor
    Folksonomies: intelligence iq g-factor