Requirements for a Science Bible

Creating a permanent record of our civilization may not be as difficult as we imagine. What we need is a primer on science, clearly written and unambiguous in its meaning—a primer for anyone interested in the state of the Earth and how to survive and live well on it. One that would serve also as a primary school science text. It would be the scientific equivalent of the Bible. It would contain practical information such as how to light a fire, and things to wonder about when it was lit. It would explain the natural selection of living things and what we know about the universe. Among its contents would be the principles of medicine and surgery with an account of how the blood circulates and the role of the organs. We take for granted the facts of pharmacology and the existence of bacteria and viruses, but this knowledge could easily be lost and take centuries to recover. Equally vulnerable are the facts of engineering and thermodynamics—even basic instructions on how to measure temperature and pressure. A glance at the history of chemistry shows how long it took to discover the periodic table of the elements and to provide an account of the air, the rocks, and the oceans. The book would present science to schoolchildren and to adults in a relevant and interesting way. It would be more than a survival manual; it would help restore science as part of our culture and be passed down as an inheritance to future generations.


What are some of the most basic and important things that would need to go into a completely introductory book on Science?

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 A Book For All Seasons
Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Lovelock, James (8 May 1998), A Book For All Seasons, Science, Vol. 280 no. 5365 pp. 832-833, Retrieved on 2011-03-29
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    29 MAR 2011

     Creating the Most Basic and Essential Science Book Possible

    Requirements for a Science Bible > Example/Illustration > Contents of the Doomsday Chest
    We are lacking a fundamental book of science, a book that captures the most elementary laws and how-to's necessary to rekindle scientific research if it were ever lost.


    29 MAR 2011

     Rebooting Civilization

    Memes that attempt to outline the most basic and important rules for rebuilding civilization after a collapse.