24 SEP 2021 by ideonexus

 Can AI Make Something Greater than Itself?

The Ultraintelligent Machine will be Civilization's Last Invention > Contrast > Recursive Self-Improvement in Human Civilization
Humans can't make smarter humans, but we can make cognitive tools to help other humans. Computers do make faster computers without human intervention, but is that the same as an AI making a smarter AI?
30 MAR 2011 by ideonexus

 Civilization's Collapse is Inevitable, Prepare for It

Humans Are Strong, Civilization is Fragile > Conclusion > Museums for Rebooting Civilization
Since human civilization has collapsed at least 30 times in over the millennium, we should plan for its eventuality like a fictional alien race does, with Museums ready to be rediscovered by future savages.
29 MAR 2011 by ideonexus

 Creating the Most Basic and Essential Science Book Possible

Requirements for a Science Bible > Example/Illustration > Contents of the Doomsday Chest
We are lacking a fundamental book of science, a book that captures the most elementary laws and how-to's necessary to rekindle scientific research if it were ever lost.
29 MAR 2011 by ideonexus

 Humanity's Power is in Its Ability to Swarm

Civilization is a Work of Art, Creating an Artificial Man > Similarity > Humans Aren\'t Especially Smart, It\'s Just that We Swarm
Hobbes and Lovelock agree that our human ability to form into collective powerhouses is what gives us strength.