The Race to 100

The children take turns rolling the dice, which are labeledu00a0zero 1s tou00a0five 1su00a0onu00a0the first die andu00a0zero 10s tou00a0five 10s on the second die.

Afteru00a0a studentu00a0rolls theu00a0two dice, he takes theu00a0rodsu00a0and cubes representing the number of 10s and 1s he rolled and puts them on his mat. It is then the next player's turn to roll.

When a player has ten or more 1s cubes on his mat, he must replace ten 1s with a 10s rod before he hands over the dice for the next player's turn.u00a0If he fails to do this,u00a0one of his opponents can call "illegal mat," and the player who did not make the trade loses a turn.u00a0

The first player tou00a0100 wins. This game can also be played by trading downu2013u2013subtracting from, for example,u00a0300.


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 Mathematics: Grades 3-5
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Smith, Jenny (2014), Mathematics: Grades 3-5, ASCD, Retrieved on 2014-08-09
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