Technological Humanism

The habit of apprehending a technology in its completeness: this is the essence of technological humanism, and this is what we should expect education in higher technology to achieve. I believe it could be achieved by making specialist studies the core around which are grouped liberal studies which are relevant to these specialist studies. But they must be relevant; the path to culture should be through a man's specialism, not by-passing it.... A student who can weave his technology into the fabric of society can claim to have a liberal education; a student who cannot weave his technology into the fabric of society cannot claim even to be a good technologist.


Education in technology should enable a student to "weave" technology into society.

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 Technology and the Academics
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Ashby, Eric (1966), Technology and the Academics, Retrieved on 2014-01-21
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