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The first thing you'll notice about Real-life is that it about 9 months to start a new character, mainly because two other players have to "register" for a new player to enter the game, fortunately now-a-days "registering" is happening more and more frequently, unfortunately this means that the "sever" getting overcrowd. But back to starting a new character, after waiting 9 months, you enter the game (in a pretty graphic way) but after the tutorial begins, with learning about the breathing and basic movement mechanics, and that's it for the next few months, during that time you're showered with gifts from other players who are classed as your family simply for joining the game. The reward system in Real-life is a bit inconsistent, do you get more or less rewards the older you? There is no way to pause the HUB, everything in the game has to be do manually for example to drink milk you have to first buy a carton, go through a mini-game to tear open the carton, pour the milk into a glass, pick up the glass, and then drink the milk and that's just one task, though it gets easier the more you it.


It takes nine months to spawn and everything is a mini-game.

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 A review of "Real-life".
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    16 NOV 2013

     Real Life as a Video Game

    A common meme in many forums and blog posts is to review real life as a video game and the insights about the human condition this reveals.