Classes in the Game "Real Life"

In the early game, there are no clearly defined classes until you begin school and recieve the class of "Student". From there, you have a wide selection of sub-classes you can choose from, such as Nerd, Loner, Jock, or Cool Kid, though you usually just fall into one that fits your character. It can be difficult to change sub-classes since other players may still see you as the sub-class which has been previously established.

Upon completion of 13 levels of school you have the option to change classes again. These options are limited by your performance in school; if you did poorly and lack the necessary attributes for a physical labor class, you might be stuck with Waiter/Waitress or Fry Cook. If you performed well enough and choose to remain a student for another 2-8 levels of school you can unlock even more classes. You can also choose to change class to Drop-Out before completing the 13th level of school but this greatly limits your class selection.


Insightful. If there is a purpose to the game, this is it.

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 Real Life: A Video Game Review
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    16 NOV 2013

     Real Life as a Video Game

    A common meme in many forums and blog posts is to review real life as a video game and the insights about the human condition this reveals.