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 Classes in the Game "Real Life"

In the early game, there are no clearly defined classes until you begin school and recieve the class of "Student". From there, you have a wide selection of sub-classes you can choose from, such as Nerd, Loner, Jock, or Cool Kid, though you usually just fall into one that fits your character. It can be difficult to change sub-classes since other players may still see you as the sub-class which has been previously established. Upon completion of 13 levels of school you have the option to chan...
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Insightful. If there is a purpose to the game, this is it.

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 Economic Population Control

Senator Fowler nodded. "One other little point, Charlie. Just how often do your reproductive castes breed, anyway?" It was Jock who answered. When Charlie hesitated, David Hardy watched with interest-was there communication by gesture? "When they are allowed to," the alien said smoothly. "Don't yours?" "Eh?" "You control your populations through economic incentives and forced emigration. Neither alternative is available to us, yet our reproductive drives are no less strong than yours. Our ...
Folksonomies: population overpopulation
Folksonomies: population overpopulation
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The aliens use war as a form of population control, while humans use economics.